The world is growing and how we share and utilize information is evolving. Just as neurons in the brain are firing to share information within our own self, the internet shares the information of our own self with the collective. It's not a stretch to say the World is its own brain and this can be seen in how we think and operate as a world-wide society.

Sharing ideas has been around since near the beginning of life on Earth. Any living thing watching another living thing complete a task, then copying that same procedure, is a sharing of information in a free arena. However, as humans we have developed "ego", which gives us an innate desire to quantify and qualify our accomplishments then claim them as our own. For a long time in recent human history, the claiming of these "secrets" for ourselves has been considered "good business", from survival of knowing where the more plentiful berries grow to the knowledge of producing a product more efficiently than a competitor. We feel this is common sense, or a "given", but is that because we aren't yet able to think on a larger scale then the "us" that is an individual?

Any limiting factor in life and nature seems to hinder progress from a scientific standpoint. It doesn't stop what we see as progress, but it does hinder its rate. A traffic jam still moves, therefore it makes progress, but how many of us consider a traffic jam true progress.

With the incredibly quick growth of available information, conversations between neighbors to talking with the world at the speed of light all within a single generation, we are now faced with how to use this capability. Any limitation of progress is now self-imposed, we can choose to share information or we can choose to hide it.

Now with what seems to be a relatively new idea, open source, we are finding ourselves sharing to not only survive, but to progress at a faster rate. Open Source in the computer world means the sharing of code and it's copyright, free to use and share. Coupled with the amazing speed that data can be shared on the internet, we have projects that grow organically. It's no longer completing an idea and presenting it to peers then peers thinking on the idea. Ideas literally grow as many peers contribute in real time. Everyone is watching and thinking off of the same data as it grows into a completed project. Collective thinking.

We've even furthered this by not ever allowing a project to stop growing. We can all pitch in to constantly improve. It's OK if we're up against a moving target, now we can steer!

This is most easily seen in the data world because we can literally watch a line of code grow into software, or a sentence grow into a book. If we take some time to look deeper though, we start seeing benefits and improved progress in all aspects of life.

A favorite deep thinker of mine, Joe Rogan, recently discussed on his podcast (The Joe Rogan Experience - #757 1:09:00 minutes in), that jiu-jitsu has entered a realm of sharing that has immensely improved the sport. The champions are coming out of gyms where instructors freely share all aspects of the sport instead of limiting teachings based on a perception of a student's ability. In discussing fighting champions and the type of training they come from, Joe says "The free exchange of information overwhelmingly won out in the world of jiu-jitsu."

a huge part of the community is sharing and openness
Joe Rogan

He talks about martial arts as being previously secretive and having to achieve certain levels before being allowed to learn the next steps whereas now you have an open community of people anxious to share their thoughts and skills. Joe states "a huge part of the community is sharing and openness."

I believe that through this open sharing, we're tapping into more of the creative genius that each of our brains are capable of. Like Einstein is often quoted for, and I'm paraphrasing, if the test is to climb a tree a fish will always think they are stupid. However, with this open thinking we're no longer strictly defining what we expect from knowledge, rather we're allowing each of our self's to grow and create their own unique and beautiful take on life.

We aren't just climbing trees, we're climbing, swimming, jumping, dancing, thinking, and by stepping back to get a broader look at an ever growing window of our Universe, we're progressing quicker than we ever have before.

We are finding ourselves in a new world and understanding where the good of the group benefits the individual as well. Throwing out strict ideologies in trade for beautifully growing progression of our self's is starting to take hold as the new "good business". I have a feeling we're just scratching the surface of where things are going in the future!

  • (In using "self's" verses "selves". My intention is to highlight the philosophical idea of the self verses simply a number of individuals. And yes, language grows too, with right and wrong always changing.)

  • The header image is a NASA provided Open-Source image used under the Creative Commons license. Thank you NASA for helping us to see that we are all a part of this Universe!

  • See more royalty free NASA images here!

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